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Engage your families

Communicate and collaborate with parents, all in one place.
Easy online software for early education.

"Educa gives teachers more time to focus on quality interactions with the children. It cuts administration time in half."

Private online platform to communicate and share learning.  Observations, planning, assessments, announcements to parents, downloadable resources --  all in one place.  For $1/child per month.

Engage and collaborate with families around learning to improve outcomes.
The real-time updates will be a feature that attracts new parents.
Teachers save time on photocopying, Facebook posts and chasing emails.

"Educa was a natural choice for us as it is far more interactive for families."

Trusted by 150,000 educators and families worldwide


family engagement software for preK
Childcare family engagement software
Software to save teacher time in preschool

Engage Families

Save Teacher Time


Boost Enrollment

Engage families with image-rich group and individual updates, shared instantly - observations, milestones, news. Parents continue the learning at home, and give feedback. 

Preschools are upping their game because parents are demanding it.  And competition is building.  Educa is a selling feature -- communication around learning that sets forward-looking preschools apart.

Educa replaces email, Facebook, paper notices and other channels. Teachers love being appreciated -- the private channel for sharing creates a lot of positive feedback.

Preschool software for computer, IPad and phone

Easy To Use

Private & Secure

Works on Most Devices


Educa was designed for teachers, by teachers.  It is super easy to bring updates to life with images or videos.  And there are reports to track all kinds of center activity.

Communicate with all parents, a class or an individual parent. Facebook is OK, but it's not always private.  Educa's privacy and access settings are designed for preschools.  

Staff and parents access Educa by computer, iPad or phone.  Most teachers use computers, parents use phones responding to push notifications.

Parents are expecting more, staff need easy-to-use tools. 

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